The right price, a fair price

Fairtrad applies a pricing policy based on quality of service and respect of all the parties involved in the translation process (from subcontractors to the translation’s end user).

This means:

  • The linguists set their rates and we consider these to be final and incompressible.
  • As a consequence, our translations cost the average market price
  • Our rate is the same for all our clients. We do not inflate prices quoted to big companies who have the means to pay more, which also means we do not negotiate lower prices for “smaller” customers. However, we may decide to reduce our agency commission if the client entrusts a large volume of words for translation. Managing a project of 100,000 or 300,000 words takes more or less the same number of hours.
  • Our price is “fair” for all parties involved, and it’s already our best price.

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