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The advantages of a small agency (2)

At Fairtrad, we know each and every one of our translators. We know off by heart who is more gifted in promotional writing and who is an ace at technical or financial translation. We also know each translator’s flaws, which helps us to adapt projects to customers AND

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Interpreting is the oral translation of speech. There are several types of service available: Consecutive interpreting – the interpreter translates the speaker‘s entire speech once finished, using notes taken if required. Simultaneous interpreting – the interpreter is in a specially-equipped booth with a console, microphone and earphones. The

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Localisation – also called regionalisation, L10N, internationalisation or L18N – is the adaptation of a User Interface to a foreign market. This process therefore combines linguistic and cultural expertise with the knowledge of the technical constraints attached to software or website development. Fairtrad is able to avoid additional

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