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How do you choose a good translation?

You are sure to understand that to get a good quality translation you must make sure it is done by an experienced, professional translator who translates into his/her native language and area of expertise, with proofreading provided by an informed colleague. But do you know how to recognise

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A fair translation agency

When I founded Fairtrad at the beginning of 2010, my aim was to apply to the translation industry the ethical and social principles which would enable every linguist to earn a decent living, without ever speculating on their work, offering high-quality services whereby all parties – from the

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The advantages of a small agency (2)

At Fairtrad, we know each and every one of our translators. We know off by heart who is more gifted in promotional writing and who is an ace at technical or financial translation. We also know each translator’s flaws, which helps us to adapt projects to customers AND

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