Marketing translations

How can you be sure that your product’s image will be optimised on the international market with the same care and impact which have characterized your national campaign?

Fairtrad is the ideal partner for communicating with your foreign clients.

Translate bulletins, newsletters, promotions, information letters, packaging and brochures by entrusting the application of your communication strategy on an international level to real experts, who not only know the languages, but also the target country’s market.

For example, an online travel agency launches a campaign to sell holidays in Spain, presented by the UK-based marketing department as “the country where the sun always shines”. This sales concept will obviously not be effective in markets such as Greece or Italy where sea and sunshine are within arm’s reach. The Greek or Italian translator can share how he or she perceives this promotional message. It is up to the client to decide whether they would like to work with the linguist on what motivates Greeks or Italians to visit Spain, or whether they wish to maintain the same campaign for all markets.

Fairtrad allows you to let your clients know how much you respect their culture and opinion: a poorly formulated message will be poorly received.

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