Fairtrad 2013

Fairtrad now has a network of over 500 professional linguists.

The most sought-after languages include French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean and Chinese.

Over the last two years, we have had the pleasure of working for: 1ère Position, Areva, Axalot, Axance, BT Paysages, CBM Automotive, DRS Avocats, eBay, FerrariGroup, Filhet-Allard Maritime, FloraQueen, Huawei, Lawington, le coq sportif, the French Ministry of Ecology, Nespresso, Objectif Prod, Obalys, Paris Attitude, Polyspot, Renzo Piano, Royal Caribbean, SCAU Architectes, SMABTP, Solaire Direct, Sophie Kamoun Communications, Systra, Terre Majeure, Traveltainement, Usabilis, Vizona, Watermill, and more…

We have provided translations in the following fields: architecture, civil engineering, automobile spare parts, nuclear waste processing, e-commerce, legal (standard and certified translations), fashion, marketing, luxury, change management, IT, construction, insurance, solar panels, press kits, clinical trials, user tests, dermatology, cosmetics, retail, technical manuals, subtitling and tourism, among others.

A big thank you to all our colleagues for their work and to all our customers for their business. Here’s to another year together!